Daiga Taurite

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Daiga Taurite
Hi, originally from Latvia I moved to London in 2005 & returned to swimming as an adult in 2015.

Shortly afterwards I joined Puffins, initially as a volunteer and later as a member of the committee which I really enjoy!

Fortunately I work in the sports industry which suits my love of (most!) sports & outdoor activities

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Dan Grey

As Welfare Officer, I make sure that swimmers and helpers are safe in the water and on poolside. This includes making sure all helpers are suitable by conducting criminal record checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Lynn Yambao

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Lynn Yambao
I have been a swimmer since 2011, I am proof that the ethos of Pimlico Puffins really works! At my first session I entered the pool from the hoist and swam one length with a helper. Having been the co-ordinator of the “bus” in Westminster every Monday since 2012

Joining the Committee in 2013 as a swimmer representive, If a swimmer is sick or has not been to a session which is unusual for them, I telephone or text them. I am often the first at the pool so when we have new swimmers or helper I can greet them. I am the contact if Swimmers have a concern or are not happy.

Rebecca Brand

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Rebecca Brand
Hi, I have been swimming with Pimlico Puffins since relocating to London in 2015. It’s an immense privilege to be involved, both on Monday evenings in the pool and also helping out behind the scenes.

If you ever have any queries or questions about anything featured in the newsletter; or have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see included, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Robert Davies

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Rob Davies
I joined Puffins in 2004 as a swimming helper. I have been Treasurer since 2006, but I moved away from London in 2007. I’m an artist and I live on the west Coast of Wales with my wife, our two Staffies Mili and Popi and our 20 year old cat Parsnip.